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Take a moment to look at some of the specific, first-hand success that my clients have had by following my instructions, doing their research and taking massive action.

"I used to see a DVD or attend a seminar and be chock full of good ideas, but having no clue on how to actually implement them. Now, I know how to make it work.

I do the market research, testing methods and-- more fundamentally--I get it. I know what real estate is really all about. Markets. How to identify them, understand them and reach them with the right message that attract both sellers and buyers.

I've just kept accelerating. I've had a few bumps and plenty of late nights putting it all together, but this has been one great ride so far and extremely rewarding to my bank account balance to boot!"

- Larry Johnson

"Peter was a godsend to us. We've been looking for a real estate mentor to guide us in the real world. Peter is extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of real estate. He's legit and a solid mentor. Peter's insight goes way deeper than the stuff written in those real estate investing books. He's always only a phone call away when you need him. If you want to learn street moxy real estate, Peter is the man. We are very happy with our progress and with Peter's help we know we will succeed with his "no matter what" strategy."

- Jesamine and Paul Montufars

"YOU CAN MAKE MONEY OR EXCUSES, BUT YOU CAN'T MAKE BOTH! Peter, as a coach, takes the time to cultivate the relationship. Unlike numerous other Real Estate GURUs who make their money from seminars, manuals and CDs, he is out in the field making deals daily. He has discovered a system that works and that works consistently! If you really think about it, any real estate investment coach should focus on giving you repeatable results, not just something that may work for a few select people. There is no doubt, that the education and mentorship I'm receiving by working with Peter is exponentially more valuable than the payouts I'll receive from making a few deals. I am able to actually strive to learn and improve on an on-going basis over time. Failure is not an option!"

- Marc Mitchell

"We have been working together for about 3 months now and I have to say, I’ve learned more about Real Estate Investing in these last 3 months then I have in the last 3 years! If you are new to real estate investing, and you want to learn how to invest correctly, then look no further. I have been trying to do real estate investing for the last 3 years before I met Peter. I’ve bought so many books and CDs on the subject. I could never wrap my head around it completely. What really caught my attention were the words "fundamental of investing" I’ve been to seminars form California to Texas, and not one of these so called real estate investment seminars ever used the word fundamental. He has changed the way I look at real estate in a good way, the right way!"

- Kenny Malabag

Want a REAL investing business?
Learn from a guy who's done 1200+ deals. Call (404) 982-4163.

"Do you remember that teacher from school? The one that was different from the rest, the one that made you think, the one that pushed you because you were better than the rest. And He/She saw it in you!!! Peter Vekselman it that teacher. Thanks for pushing me I am glad that I called you. So to all of you that have spent your money on TV Infomercial, (get rich in a weekend). Stop and just call Peter... I did...

Thank you again.”

- Deon Amey

"As a beginning investor, you look for people and companies who will walk you thru the steps needed to become a successful investor. Peter Velselman is helping me do just that. He is helping me to look at the numbers on multi-family units to see if it would make a good investment, all the way to closing. Now thats a mentor! Thanks Peter!!!"

- Ronald Brown

"Being coached by Peter in real estate investing has been a very action-oriented, refreshing experience. His coaching is designed step by step to create a solid investing foundation and forces focus and implementation with each assignment. I love the one-to- one coaching, as well as being able to build the confidence that by actually doing what he says, I will avoid many mistakes (some of which I made before I met him!) and learn to do things right. Peter's coaching is designed to not be a course to just fill you with "head knowledge", but actually bridges the gap to becoming an active and profitable investor- which is my goal. He is helping me build a foundation, as well as giving great direction and advice on deals I am working. I am not left wondering if I am pursuing the right investing avenues, but am confident that through his direction I am making the best and most profitable decisions on deals- and that is what it is all about."

- Jo Amick

"Thank you for reviving my real estate investing career. Your strategy has brought new insight and direction to my business. Your step by step procedure helped put my business back on tract. Again thank you."

- Luxley Farrell

"If only I'd found you sooner, but at least I found you and you are a true life saver."

- Jon Harriott

Want a REAL investing business?
Learn from a guy who's done 1200+ deals. Call (404) 982-4163.

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